Martial Arts

Martial arts, also known as fighting systems, are bodies of codified practices or traditions of unarmed and armed combat, usually without the use of guns and other modern weapons. They are often taught for various reasons such as fitness, getting rid of aggressions, mental/character development, and self-defense.

A Martial Art can be defined as a system of techniques, physical and mental exercises developed as an effective means for self-defense and offense, both unarmed and with the use of weapons

Chinese Martial Arts have many styles. The most popular styles include ShaoLin kung fu, Tai Chi and San Soo. But many Chinese traditional martial arts (for example: Pa kua, Xin Yi Chuan, Yi Chuan etc.) have important station.

Chen tai chi DVD
The product includes 3 DVDs . It gives a thorough illustration of the characteristics and practicing methods of The Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, including the demonstration and illustration of the Chen Tai Chi Old frame Routine I and the Chen Tai Chi Old frame Routine II. (more)

Taekwondo Gear
Foam rubber padding enclosed inside a vinyl shell is how this durable tae kwon do style chestguard is made. Straps go through loops on sides and tie in back to keep chestguard in place. more

TaiZu San Soo
It was said that the TaiZu Pugilism orginated from Zhao KuangYin, who was the first emperor of the Song Dynasty.

Monkey Chuan
The Monkey Chuan is one form of imitation boxing. It is movements mainly imitate the shrewd expression and particular motion of monkey, so this set boxing is excellent imitation boxing classics for its ingenious conception, dramatic actions, fiuency routines and absolutely resemblance of performance. (more)


Shaolin Monk 13 Form
Shaolin Monk 13 form is an inner strength cultivating method of the Shaolin school of Kung Fu. It consists of 13 movements.(more)

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