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San Soo

San Soo is an offensive art, or combat art, not a show art, or sport, it is not an art you will see demonstrated in competition, San Soo has no rules, "there are no rules in a fight" as such if it were to be applied in a competition serious injuries would result, for our art is meant to be and is brutal, powerful,
and effective.
In one word, San Soo is the arts of fighting and self-protection.
It was said that the TaiZu Pugilism orginated from Zhao KuangYin, who was the first emperor of the Song Dynasty. The style of this pugilism clan is strong and fierec, which belongs to the authentic direct descent of ShaoLin faction ...... (More)
Chinese Folk Handshake nd circle hold
Explained and demonstrated by Ma Lei, world level martial arts and handshake and circle hold specialist in china's police circle. His works are: China's hand shake and circle hold techniques and police and PE Handshake and circle ......(More)
The skills on caputure is also called tendon and bone separation skill, which is aiming at attacking the opponent's soft tedon and joint bases on the irion-linke claw by seizing, grasping, pulling and tweaking and combining with kicking......(More)


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