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Shaolin Qimei Cudgel is one of the important weapons in Shaolin Martial Arts. It was know throughout China since the thirteen cudgel monks save the emporer --- Tang Wang in the Tang Dynasty. The movements in Qimei Cudgel are clear and natty, with each step plain and clear. The cudgel can be either long or short, with their typical techniques. It is used either to attack the opponent or to guard oneself. It is simple and unadorned. And the attacking tendency is quite easy to be seen. This video is made with the chief coach Shi Guoshong, the monk in Shaolin Temple, as the lecturer and the demonstrator He teaches with a face to face demonstration and in order to make himself better understood and followed, he also takes a back to the audience position.

Lecturer and Demonstrator: Shi GuoSong, the chief of the wushu monk in Shaolin Temple.

Media: Video CDs
Language: English & Chinese

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