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Taekwondo Gear

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Taekwondo Gear

The package include Head Protection0 ,Chest Protection ,Arm Protection ,Groin Protection ,Shin Guard

List Price: 119.75

Sale Price: Only US$99.75

(Save $20.00 Discount 17%)

You may also buy the single Taekwondo Gear:

Head Protection:

Covering the top, back and sides of the head, this headguard made of 1/2" dipped foam, this headguard covers the front, back, sides and top of the head. Very well ventilated for your comfort. Hood and loop closure under chin. Unique ear guards designed to absorb impact.

Sale Price: Only US$22.95

Chest Protection:

Foam rubber padding enclosed inside a vinyl shell is how this durable tae kwon do style chestguard is made. Straps go through loops on sides and tie in back to keep chestguard in place.

Sale Price: Only US$40.95

Arm Protection:

Made of foam padding with a vinyl covering, these guards feature ties on the inner forearm for a secure fit and make them more comfortable than elastic forearm guards. Forearm guards are also cut in long sections to better fit around your arm and give you better coverage.

Sale Price: Only US$14.95

Groin Protection:

Highly shock-absorbent chest protectors for both adults and children. Made of cotton and Vinyl Nitrile. This item is comfortable and priced very reasonably for its fine quality. This provides competitors with all the protection they need against hard kicks and punches.

Sale Price: Only US$19.95

Shin Guard:

Contains three removable plastic inserts for excellent shin protection.

Sale Price: Only US$20.95


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