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About The Product Package:
The product consists of one Video CDs and its corresponding teaching materials. The content of the Video CDs is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of 42 Form Taichi Chuan. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
Service: Kung fu masters of our website will give instructions online. If the clients come up with any questions during the process of learning, they will have prompt attention from our masters, so that they could learn Taichi Chuan very easily. For those FAQs, we'll announce publicly on the forum of our website.

About The Characteristics In The Structure Of 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan:
The competition routine of 42 form Tai Chi Chuan was created based mainly on the Yang style while synthesizing the movements from several other Tai Chi Chuan style, such as Chen, Wu, Woo, Sun and the 48 form. It is the comprehensive routine, which reflects the characteristic of the compatibility of several different styles of Tai Chi Chuan from the arrangement of the routine to the performance of the movement.
Considerable degree of difficulty
The competition routine of 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan was mainly created for competing. So it is rather difficult in terms of its distribution, the quantity of movements and the standard requirements. The compulsory movements demanded in formal Tai Chi Chuan championships most reflect the difficulty of 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan.
Though the routine of 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan complies with the characteristics of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, the arrangement of movements which absorbed from other Tai Chi Chuan is quite different. The whole routine can be divided into four segments:
Segment 1 mainly uses the movements of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan with the extensive posture and the slow and gentle performance.
Segment2 emphasizes the characters of “opening and closing hands” of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan”, “jade girl working with shuttles” of Wu style and “hide hands and strike fist” of Chen style.
Segment 3 focuses on the movements of “wave hands like clouds” of Yang style and “besting tiger” of Wu style to practice the control and balance of toes kicking and slapping foot.
Segment 4 is based on the fourth segment of 48 Form Tai Chi Chuan which displays the characteristics of Yang style.

About The Characteristics In The Technique Of 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan
The 42 Form Tai Chi Chuan is very popular now. Its main technical characteristics are as the followings: The movements are stemmed from all other Tai Chi Chuan style and are standardized; the momentum of the movements is broad and well coordinated; the connection is smooth and coherent; the force is generated by the soft one and at times with the hard force; the speed of the movements has the changes of fast and slow. When practicing, perform the movements accurately and follow the clear demands.

Media: Video CD & Book
Language: English & Chinese
Manufacturer: China
Release Date: 03/2003

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