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In this DVD, the detailed Chen Tai CHi Push-hand practicing methods are introduced. It is taught and demonstrated by Master Cheng Zheng Lei, the 19th Offspring of Chen Style Tai Chi, who enjoys the honour of the Top Ten Kung fu Matsers of China. It is one of the best teaching materials for the Tai Chi fans to further improve their Tai Chi fighting skills.

This DVD is appropriate for those who have Tai Chi Chuan practicing background.

About Push-Hand:

Push-hand is a kind of Kung Fu exercise in which two partners twine each other's hands to train their tactile and quickness in response. While practicing, the exercise should comply with some basic Tai Chi Chuan principles such as sticking to each other without being separated, moving freely and smoothly, making good use of the skill rather than only the force and staying clear of the opponent main force and striking at his weak points. Combining the basic techniques of grasp, catch, kick, jackknife and punch, the exercises practice warfing off, deflecting, pushing, pressing, trampling, throwing, elbowing and learning to obtain a sensitivity of knowing the enemy intention in advance and making quick decision of how and where to attack or defend.

Media: DVD

Language: English & Chinese

Performer & Explained: Chen ZhengLei - One of China's Ten Foremost Kung Fu Masters and the 19th-Generation Exponent of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

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