Techniques of Pushing Hands of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in Practical Combat

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Techniques of Pushing Hands of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in Practical Combat was directly passed to Orient Knight errant Zhang Ce who was the creator of Tai Chi Wuxing Tongbi Chuan by Yang Jianhou. Yang Jianhou was the third son of Yang Luchan who was the creator of Yang style Tai Chi.

This film embodies the characteristics of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, that is, move as flowing water, comfortable, extended unfolding, natural and smooth, sticking, linking, continuing, and following, neither “ no letting go and nor resistance,” making the upper and lower part of the body acting in unison. According to the discipline of sticking, linking, continuing, and following, without letting go and with no resistance, no discerption and no excess, following the bending to extend. Use the eight techniques of ward off, Rub, Press forward, push, pull down, pluck, elbow stroke and body stroke, and strength route to practise the listening by touching and felling. In this way, you can find how the opponent change his force, and master the technique of “react hurryingly if the opponent moves hurryingly, follow slowly if the opponent moves slowly.” And “If others don't move, I don't move. If others just want to move, I move first.” Influence the opponent's center of the body, and break his balance of force. Seize the chance to break emptiness with solidness, use the four ounces to neutralize a thousand pounds. Thereby you can defeat the opponent.

In this show, it explains the practicing and using of Single Push Hands, Double Push Hands, Fixed Step, and Moving Step Push Hands in detail. With abundant, widely covered, and valuable content, it is an excellent teaching show.

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