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About The Product Package:
The product consists of one Video CD and its corresponding teaching materials.
The content of the Video CD is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of Chen style Tai chi Chuan. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
Service: Kung fu masters of our website will give instructions online. If the clients come up with any questions during the process of learning, they will have prompt attention from our masters, so that they could learn Tai Chi Chuan very easily. For those FAQs, we'll announce publicly on the forum of our website.

About The Characteristics In The Structure Of Chen StyleTai Chi Chuan:
Traditional characteristics
The competition routine of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan was created based on the traditional Chen style. It has the characters of the flexibility and the twining silk force of the first routine and feature of emitting the springing force of the second routine. We can say that the competition routine of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan comes from the tradition one both in its form of movements and in its structure because it preserves the essential movements and the sequence of the traditional Chen style.
Considerable degree of difficulty
There is a certain degree of difficulty in the competition routine of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, for it has high demands in the body strength and techniques to perform it and it is not easy to master the movements including jumps, holding and releasing the force and dropping into the splits.
The sequences of the movements are designed and arranged according to the difficulty, and the majority of the movements are designed on both left and right postures in order to develop the balance while achieving an overall workout. Throughout the routine, the movements in the first segment are silk reeling and supple while the second segment consists of the agile footwork and the continuous application of the force and the third segment emphasizes the difficult moves such as “Bai Lian Die Cha” (the lotus kicking and the dropping into the splits), and the fourth section consists of movements that require the application of the force and jumps with the changes between obviousness and slightness, hardness and softness, quickness and slowness.

About The Characteristics In The Technique Of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan
The traditional Chen style Tai Chi Chuan can de mainly categorized into two routines. The first routine consists of the simple movements and emphasizes the flexibility over hardness. The second routine is more complicated with a lot of difficult movements. The competition routine of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan was created from the basic structure of the traditional one and after a thorough filtration, it developed its own characteristics: The movements are spiraling, circling, stamping and jumping; the force in the movements is well balanced between softness and hardness, fast and slow, relaxed and springing; the momentum in the movements requires the sudden changes that can be “quiet as the mountain” or “forceful as the lightning”; the process of performing needs to rotate “Dan Tian” internally like reeling the silk; the speed of performing combines fast and slow. Even when you stop the movements, you need to let your mind continue moving. When training, start from the softness, and gradually to the hardness till you reach the point where the two can be balanced.

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