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About The Product Package:
The product consists of one Video CD and its corresponding teaching materials.
The content of the Video CD is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of Woo style Tai Chi Chuan. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
Service: Kung fu masters of our website will give instructions online. If the clients come up with any questions during the process of learning, they will have prompt attention from our masters, so that they could learn Tai Chi Chuan very easily. For those FAQs, we'll announce publicly on the forum of our website.

About The Characteristics In The Structure Of Woo Style Tai Chi Chuan:
Preservation Of The Tradition
The competition routine of Woo style Tai Chi Chuan was created based on the traditional Woo style. It remain the characteristics of the movements in the tradition one with the combination of the movements from both the southern and the northern schools. It also preserves the main structure of the traditional routine. So, we can say that the competition routine has the bases of the traditional Woo style Tai Chi Chuan from the movements to the arrangement.
The layout of the routine is arranged symmetrically to the front and back, and the left and right, using the center of the competition floor as a standard. There are 16 single movements that are done on both the left and right sides of the body which demonstrate the symmetrical characteristics of Woo style.
In terms of the arrangement, there are a lot of movements that are symmetrical on both the left and right sides in order to develop the balance and provide an overall training throughout the routine.
Segment 1 consists of 14 movements stressing upon the “brush knee and twist step” and so on to practice the basic framework and techniques.
Segment 2 includes 7 movements mainly focusing on the movements of the “tuck in robes”, “parting the wild horse's mane” and “jade girl working with shuttles” etc. to train the retreating steps.
Segment 3 has 9 movements such as “wave hands like cloud”, “toes kick”, and “heel kick” focusing on the quick and exquisite applications of the legs to practice the stability.
Segment 4 has 15 movements including “push down”, “back step and straddle the tiger”, and “turn body with lotus kick” etc. to learn the distinctive changes between the high and low movements.

About The Characteristics In The Technique Of Woo Style Tai Chi Chuan
The competition routine of Woo style Tai Chi Chuan has its own characteristics as the follows: The movements are moderately wide, compact and balanced; the momentum is elegant and refined, delicate and agile; the connection between the movements is fine and smooth, natural and relaxed; the speed is constant and continuous without intervals in between. The whole training is focused mainly on the softness.

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