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About The Product Package:
The product consists of one Video CD and its corresponding teaching materials.
The content of the Video CD is the demonstration and disintegrated movements of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. In the book, each form is illustrated in detail, including its characteristics, technical key points and other aspects to be paid attention to, etc.
Service: Kung fu masters of our website will give instructions online. If the clients come up with any questions during the process of learning, they will have prompt attention from our masters, so that they could learn Tai Chi Chuan very easily. For those FAQs, we'll announce publicly on the forum of our website.

About The Characteristics In The Structure Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan:
Traditional characteristics
The competition routine of Wu style Tai Chi Chuan was created based on the traditional Wu style. It preserved the basic characteristics of the movements in the traditional one, like never extending the hands beyond the toes, and making each hand to handle the movements of its own side of the body. The sequence of the movements is arranged according to the traditional structure which reflects the traditional characteristics.
Suitability for competition
The whole routine is created with the emphasis on the competitive requirement, the specific difficult movement and the connections, like “left slap foot”, “turn body and lotus kick”, and “jump step and groin with fist”.
There are many mirror opposites of movements in the routine in order to develop the balance.
Segment 1 has 13 movements mainly focusing on “tuck in robes” and “brush knee and twist step” to practice the basic movements of hands and advancing step.
Segment 2 consists of 10 movements including “wave hands like clouds” and “jade girl working with shuttles”. These movements emphasize the agility of the footwork and the control of the balance.
Segment 3 comprises 9 movements of “push down”. “Double kick foot”, “leap step and punch” to practice the agility and the steadiness.
Segment 4 includes 13 movements of “step back and whirl arm and “turn body and lotus kick”. These movements stress on the varied changes of the movements together with the releasing force.

About The Characteristics In The Technique Of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan
Wu style Tai Chi Chuan is different from Chen style or Yang style. Its main characteristics are as the followings: The external movements and postures are compact and simple; the force of the movements is adequate and continuous; the momentum is delicate and centered with awareness; the process of the movements is consistent and rhythmic with many closings and openings; the speed of the movements is comfortably paced, and your mind is beyond your movements. When practicing, follow the theory of Tai Chi Chuan, pay close attention to the connections and the openings and closings with the body centered and the hands kept upward. Make each hand to handle the movements of its own side of the body.

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Note: Attached in our Video CDs is a player software free from installation for convenient watching. Open the Video CDs and click the video-play icon to run automatically. Of course, if you like you may open it with other video playing software or Media Play of Microsoft. It can be played with QuickTime on Macintosh platform or with DVD and Video CD Player at home.

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