The Eight Diagrams Linked Palm (Pa Kua)

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The Eight Diagrams Linked Palm (Pa Kua, Ba Gua), based on the theories in the Book of the changes, is an important Kung Fu school. Moving methods in this form are particular in direction changes. It involves palm linkage and step movements in every direction, covering both the length and breadth.

This program is based on the principles of higher starting-point, authentic theories, and excellent works. Hearty and generous imparation here is aimed at quick and effective acquirement by any learner.

Demonstrator: Jiang ludi, Champion of National Kung Fu competition

Lecturer: Nie jianguo, Chief coach of the Henan Kung Fu Team

Media: Video CDs
Language: English & Chinese

Note: you may open it with any video playing software or Media Play of Microsoft. It can be played with QuickTime on Macintosh platform or with DVD and Video CD Player at home.

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