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Wu Shu

Chinese wushu also be called Chinese tradional martial arts.

Among China's well kept secrets, one caught the imagination of Americans - Chinese wushu. Wushu is an important component of the cultural heritage of China, with a rich content that has remained untarnished over the centuries. Literally translated, "wu" is military, "shu" is art. Wushu therefore means the art of fighting, or martial arts.

W ushu, an outstanding Chinese cultural legacy, is made up of a system of fighting techniques. It takes mainly the forms of routine exercises and free sparring, aiming at promoting physical health, strengthening will power and refining combat skills. Wushu routines, practiced either barehand or with weapons, incorporate kicking, punching, throwing, seizing and joint lock techniques into set routine exercises according to certain rules and patterns involving various combinations of offense and defense.

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